just two geeks who have a bit to say about comics
in movies and on tv. 


When I was a kid, Wonder Woman started my love for superheroes and comics by spinning into my living room every Wednesday night. She was gorgeous and strong and she saved the day, every time. She captivated this young girl, who wanted to be just as strong and brave. (And fabulous…)

I spent much of my teen-age years as one of the few girls in our local comics shop. That’s probably why I’ve always been drawn to smaller titles with diverse characters and storylines.

Now as an adult artist and photographer, I love storytelling through images. My lifelong love of comics helps in my profession as a graphics designer.

As a movie lover, seeing my childhood (and adult) superheroes come to life… well, that just makes me a kid all over again.

corey AKA Clark Justice

Have you ever met a 37 year old child at heart? Well you have now.

Hi there I'm Corey. Consumer of comics. King of all things Lego (video games). Avid viewer of cinema. And lover of my dog, Poptart.

New toy announcements, playing video games and reading comics make me feel like a kid everyday. Much like Peter Pan, I never want to grow up. My love of comics and all superhero television shows/films started from my first time seeing the Batman 66 series. The fun, the action, the car! Now all the things Marvel/DC are doing keeps me wanting more.

Allow me to give you my insight into the comic book panels in my head with these reviews. I hope that you enjoy this adventure. I will start you off with a question. Tell me, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Holy Ratings, Batman!

We will each rate our reviews. Will we see eye-to-eye?

KA-BOOM is our top praise (think Iron Man) all the way down to CLUNK (think Catwoman).