iZombie: Eating Brains Couldn't Be More Fun


Did you watch the first season of "iZombie"? 

No? Stop what you are doing. Go now. Binge eat your brains out! Season two is about to begin.

A cross between "Veronica Mars" and zombies, this show is nothing but light-hearted fun. 

Based on the Vertigo title of the same name, "iZombie" is a simple tale of a young woman who went to a party, gets turned into a zombie and is forced to eat brains. In this zombie tale, eating brains allows zombies to maintain a relatively normal life. 

One side effect. Eating brains will temporarily give you the memories and personality of the person you ate. Good and bad. Musicians allow you to play music while alcoholics will give you a need to drink, etc.

Our heroine, Liv (Gwen in the comics), works in a medial examiners office and finds a steady supply of brains. When taking on the personality traits of her lunch, finds she wants to solve their murders "Veronica Mars" style. 

So, when you are too grossed out by "The Walking Dead" or "The Strain," settle in with a brain smoothy and enjoy the fun.

And as a great homage to the original comic, Michael Allred the original comic artist created the opening title sequence.