Don't "Run Like a Girl" – Fly Like a Supergirl!

We were able to get our hands on an early screening of “Supergirl” from CBS. The high-flying series will star Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El – AKA Supergirl. 

Clark Justice – UP UP AND AWAY!! 

Wonder Gal – Wow. This was so much better than the initial upfront promo. 

CJ – My initial feelings from the upfront were very negative. The actor didn't seem strong enough to play Supergirl. The special effects seemed very low budget. The humor and writing was very sub-par to it’s counterparts from the DC television genre. 

WG – I think the promo was failed marketing. It failed to strike the correct tone for it's audience. Then failed again when someone did not realize the promo was so similar to the SNL skit making fun of female superheroes. I would have instantly pulled the promo and recut it. Interestingly, the pilot was one of the earliest "leaked" pilots to date. Leaked on the footsteps of the internet backlash, I can't help but think this was a way to gain back the audience it had already lost – months before the series even premiered.

CJ – Very true. And now that I've seen the episode, I will surely be glad to eat some crow! I felt as though the episode managed to soar past my exceptions to new heights. Much like “Smallville,” we will get a chance to follow along her journey as she commands the role of Supergirl learning her abilities while still loving her human side. 

We are thrown into what her abilities are pretty quickly and don't spend a bunch of time on the origin story. I felt her abilities were handled well when she faced her first villain – she was strong yet not overpowering. 

WG – I do like not getting caught in a drawn-out origin story, but I do think they crammed too much into the pilot. It super-speeds through her powers and crams a LOT of characters into 44 minutes. But that is easily forgiven. The pilot is slick with visuals easily found on larger movies screens.

CJ – My only criticism is how the sexism angle is thrown into our face a bit much. This is our first female-led superhero show, but it seems as if they want to make that point known really well. We get it!!! Having her face off against a strong male villain already strengthens the feminist angle. 

WG – Ha! Welcome to the flip side! After watching show after show with a main cast of men and one or two women, a show with all strong strong women and – let’s face it, the eye-candy man – this show will have a huge audience. Girls and young women who loved Pixar’s “Brave” and the Hunger Games movies, will be glued to the TV every Monday. 

The scene where Cat Grant talks about the word "girl" (when she coins the name Supergirl) does speak to that feminist angle. What does it mean when we use the term “girl”? As a society we have just begun to address this as well. What does it mean when we say “throw like a girl” or “run like a girl”? This show is going to answer that, with an astounding punch – fast, strong, confident and most importantly, hero. 

CJ – I know it will answer those questions but at the same time I felt like the Kara Danvers role wasn’t really conveying the female strength that she had as Supergirl. Maybe that’s the way they want her to be? 

WG – Ah! Yes, she does need to learn confidence out of the cape. But I know that will come.

CJ – That being said, Melissa Benoist is the perfect fit for the suit of Supergirl. She’s funny and joyful. She fits in the Supergirl suit like a glove and flies into danger without any fear. I like her. She and I would probably be work BFFs.

However, I'm not sold on Jimmy Olsen being in the series. Mention him like you would Superman but don't add him as a mainstay. I'm also not a fan of him being African-American. 

 Melissa Benoist and Mehcad Brooks as Kara Danvers and James Olsen

Melissa Benoist and Mehcad Brooks as Kara Danvers and James Olsen

WG – I love it. I love the additional diversity, but also, it gives us something new to learn from the  Olsen character. And did I mention the eye-candy? 

CJ – Okay someone needs to crack a window and get some air with the eye candy comments! Yes, the diversity is great, and I guess you do make a good point with learning something from Olsen. Will that Olsen character be there to tie-in stories from Superman’s adventures in Metropolis? 

WG – We will be meeting his ex Lana Lane, Lois’ cousin, in episode three. That should be fun.

CJ – One last major gripe that I had was that her heat vision power is shown with a blue color. Blue??? It's supposed to be red! Hopefully this is something they will fix once the episode airs on television. But the additional easter eggs to previous incarnations of the Superman character were very nicely done. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. 

WG – You are a true Superman geek!

Final Ratings

Wonder Gal

This is a show whose time has come. Girls and women all over have waited for a show that champions them. What a perfect time for it to arrive. After all, we did just have the first-ever ticker-tape parade for the women’s World Cup soccer team. “Supergirl” is sure to score.

Clark Justice

Overall this is a series that comic fans should keep their eyes to the sky for. This cape seems to be strong as steel. “Flash,” “Arrow,” and now this?!? Just like the “Flash,” I was scared to see how it would be attempted, but they have another winner on their hands. I will watch and support it with positive attention in the beginning. Now bring on “Legends of Tomorrow.”