Avengers: Age of Ultron



Wonder Gal - Well, that was a rock 'em, sock 'em good time! 

Clark Justice - Going into the movie my hype meter was off the charts. 

WGThe trailer brought out my inner fan-girl. James Spader as Ultron was a stroke of genius. His voice just drips menacing. 

CJOh yeah, he managed to embody the unstoppable presence of Ultron but still give us a human side to him as well. He is the Ultron that us comic book fans wanted. And the use of the Pinocchio character in the Ultron theme was brilliant. 

WG - Another stoke of genius from Joss Whedon. Not just the visuals of Pinocchio, but using the happy-go-lucky song, "I Got No Strings," from Pinocchio and twisting it into something sinister. He created a trailer that had me ready to buy tickets. And that's something I don't often feel.

CJ - I was very anxious that this wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. 

WG - How so?

CJ - I am a huge fan of the previous installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and an avid reader of Marvel comics, I have come to expect a lot. 

When reading comics there are moments that give you that out of body emotion such as a gasp or laughter that connects you to the story. This film along with the previous Avengers film does that very well. There was a really nice crowd in our theater, and at certain moments – like during the party scene and the introduction to The Vision (I’m not going to spoil them) – the crowd just erupted. There were times during the film where you and I were elbowing each other and cheering from all the fun we were having. 

WG - The Vision was stunning. With the combination of CGI and make-up, I think Vision is as close to a comic coming to life as I've seen yet. His cape flows like liquid.

The movie is so well choreographed. It's a visual candy shop. The fight scenes are so perfectly timed that you FEEL the team working together. 

Although, at times there was too much movie. Too many small stories fighting for space.

CJ - The plot was kinda just meh. It stalled at times during the visions into the future and backstories of characters. One in particular with Thor really didn’t make much sense and took up a lot of time.

WG - It was a foreshadow to Thor 3 – which we really don't need (since we are all gonna see it anyway).

CJ - A backstory that I would have liked see was the reason why Tony Stark decided to suit back up into the Iron Man suit. The last time we saw him in Iron Man 3, he quit. 

WG - Ah, but very comic book. Pick and choose the characters you need for the story.

CJ - Age of Ultron manages to remind us of why we love the original team of Avengers as well as giving a look at what future installments could look like with the inclusion of new characters. Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and The Vision are all great new additions to the team.

WG - As well as Falcon and War Machine. The Avengers are finally getting some diversity.

CJ - The one issue I had with the film was origin of Ultron. I wanted to see more character development into the evil side of Ultron. I felt that his transformation into the villain was very quick. 

WG - Again, too much movie. (The director's cut of the movie ran over three hours.) I would have gladly had one less fight scene to see that evolution. How a computer program, in order to save humanity, becomes a single-minded force against all humanity – that is a fascinating concept, which we've seen in other movies like I Robot. And yet, it took mere minutes in the movie.

My main issue with the movie is a similar issue I have to comic titles like The Avengers, X-Men or Justice League. These titles have so many characters and are extremely hard to balance between personalities and action. I feel the movie suffered the same. There are some nice quiet backstory scenes, but they feel oddly out of place with the massive fight scenes. 

CJ - I do feel as though the movie gave several setups that will branch into future Marvel films (Civil War and Infinity Wars). While this film does have a very ominous and dark tone much more than the first, I still found it to be a lot of fun.  

WG - Like most second movies of a trilogy, it is a bit darker. Backstories show it isn't easy being a superhero. But Joss Whedon balances the dark brilliantly with humor. 

"I have a bow and arrow.
None of this makes sense." 
- Hawkeye
  Avengers #67  August 10, 1969 Second appearance of Ultron after The Vision begins to help the Avengers.

Avengers #67
August 10, 1969
Second appearance of Ultron after The Vision begins to help the Avengers.


There have been almost 100 members of the Avengers.

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Final Ratings


Wonder Gal

Despite unevenness and what I felt was too much story, Ultron was just a joy to watch. Comic movies have come so far in visuals making these characters come to life. Add that with Joss Whedon's humor, I smiled and laughed through the whole ride.

I rate this a SMASH!


Clark Justice

Going into the movie my hype meter was off the charts. Thankfully I was not disappointed in this epic comic book movie. The plot of the film left holes in story arcs but it was still a fun adventure. Nothing will be better than seeing The Avengers that first time on screen, but this sequel doesn’t disappoint.

I give this movie a SMASH!