Review – "Captain America: Civil War"

Spoilers Ahead

Clark Justice

WOW, what an epic superhero movie. By far this is my favorite superhero film. It just knocked “The Avengers” down to number two for me. While this is ultimately a Captain America movie, this is the Avengers sequel that we should have gotten with “Age of Ultron.” 

For me, I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like if a major group of superheroes could manage to disagree what it would be like. Could they manage each other’s strength? Yes, yes they can. The power potential for each character in this film was demonstrated to the max. Scarlet Witch was so powerful and showcased some skills that I didn’t even know she had, Ant-Man finally grew into Giant-Man, and Falcon’s new wings and his remote controlled falcon were so cool. 

The epic fight between Iron Man and Captain America were ripped right from the comics. The shot of Iron Man blasting his well blast into Captain America’s shield had me so giddy. At one point I thought for sure one of them was going to die at the hands of the other. 

And last but not least, Black Panther and Spider-Man stole the show. 

I have been a longtime Spider-Man fan, and I was hoping that they would finally get him right in a film. Thanks to the creatives behind the MCU, Marvel has have done him justice. His age is appropriate, he has a reason to team up with Avengers, his spunk is on point even within battle. And he’s just a down right fun kid who is trying to make something out of the new powers he has discovered. It was so much fun to watch him in action. The costume was great and even had the comic eye treatment originally drawn by Steve Ditko. The squints and sounds that it makes are giving you emotion through his eyes just like in the comics. Perfect! Oh and no origin story. Not needed. A small scene with Tony Stark introduces him to the audience and then we have Spider-Man. Not Spider-Boy. So excited to see his standalone film next year. 

Now to Black Panther. KING OF WAKANDA! When he spoke for the first time, I got chills. From the comics that I’ve read, this is what he sounds like in my head. His voice just commands the role of Prince and now King of Wakanda. Not like Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America.” His stature just is so strong and bold. His movements are so quick and silent like a cat. I’m a dog lover, but now, I might have to change my ideals of felines. There were moments when he would jump off of a building and land and you heard nothing from his feet. I’m like damn!! Is he walking on air? His costume was so cool as well. 

Black Panther and Spider-Man were only in the film probably for about 15 minutes each, but it felt like so much more because they were so memorable.

During the film I was always on Captain America’s side. I can’t imagine a world where the superheroes that protect us from the bigger threat have to be policed by any government body. Captain America is always going to do the noble and citizen like approach to every person. His loyalty, even for a fallen friend, is real. For me, Iron-Man is just shooting first and asks questions later. 

The villain (Baron Zemo) wasn’t really pronounced enough in this film. But it was okay because the real struggle was supposed to between the Avengers themselves. I believe if Marvel would have made the villain a more prominent focus then would have lost sight of the real Civil War. 

Wonder Gal

This film was a blast. Watching it, it was hard not to compare it to “Batman v. Superman” – hero vs. hero. This battle was worth my time. The acrobatic and effects were just plain fun. I laughed with the audience and even said “ouch” out loud. 

Unfortunately, Baron Zemo, the villain who orchestrated the conflict within the Avengers, was unmemorable. Marvel has a bit of a problem coming up with memorable and epic villains (the Mandarin, anybody?). Zemo’s lack of presence, however, allows the movie to focus on the real conflict – the role of superheroes and their responsibility in the world. At least, that was what it should have been. Unfortunately, the argument is automatically skewed towards Captain America. It is his movie after all. Tony Stark is playing catch-up to his own personal demons throughout the movie, and ends up placing his own personal guilt on the Avengers team as a whole.

The movie didn’t feel as overstuffed with colorful characters as I feared it would be. I’ve never been a fan of these over complicated comic story arcs. There is only so much room on the page to hold characters that are larger than life, much less ten or so. To make room, the movie eventually drops most characters down to the two heads of the conflict. And while the fight between Captain American and Iron-Man was intense and ripped from the comics, I missed those smaller characters and the new ones coming onto the scene. 

Enough cannot be said about how amazing Spider-Man was. Marvel (finally able to script the web-slinger away from Fox Studios) made a character we have seen time and time again on tv and in film, fresh. Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man is age appropriate and fits the lithe characteristics of a spider-boy. 

Equally enough, Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa / Black Panther. Truly an elegant and regal force to be reckoned with, T’Challa may be the best new hero we’ve seen in years. Comic readers have made Ta-Nehisi Coates's “Black Pather” issue #1 the best selling comic of the year, and I am eagerly waiting to see what the studio does with his stand-alone movie. It’s certainly time we see new super characters come to life and not recycle old ones over and over (no offense, Spidey).

Final Ratings

Clark Justice

The film was fun, emotional (I gasped when Bucky’s arm was ripped off and when Cap was at the final battle with Iron Man), exciting, thought provoking and just everything I wanted in a superhero movie. Marvel is still on the right track providing us with these awesome superhero films. Some may think they are getting superhero fatigue – but I'm not.

Wonder Gal

“Civil War” had it’s flaws, but it was fun none-the-less. Marvel knows how to make movie magic entertainment. I'm just ready to see Marvel bring that magic to alternate and diverse characters.


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