Everything is Awesome – Especially if You're Batman

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“Lego Batman Movie” is a blast – an imaginative extravaganza for kids and adults. The story is about family, accepting and relying on others – and occasionally learning to say, “I'm sorry.”

Young viewers will be instantly drawn to the story through the introducing of Robin, an awkward young orphan who simply wants a family. Super-families are not your traditional families. They include adoptive kids, crime-fighting partners, and even the occasional villain. By the end of the movie, Batman realizes that he too, wanted a family – that he is stronger, and happier, in one.

While the movie settles on a younger audience than the first Lego movie, adults will enjoy songs and jokes that harken back to the '80s. (Don’t feed the Gremlins after midnight!) The same wild jumble of characters that we saw in "The Lego Movie" continues here with a crazy cast of villains. Recognizable characters like The Joker, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy are joined by lesser known characters – Condiment King, Eraser, Catman, and more. Topping the list are the "super" villains including Sauron, Voldemort, and even Daleks.

 1970s Lego Advertisement

1970s Lego Advertisement

As a kid who grew up with Legos strewn around my bedroom. I know first-hand that Legos are literal building blocks of imagination. I learned anything was possible and the more out-of-this-world, the better.

As an adult, I sat in a movie and heard a group of small kids help a Lego Batman say “I’m sorry” to Alfred, Robin and Batgirl. 

I’m glad Legos are still teaching. I can’t wait to see what they teach us next.


Final Review – SMASH!

The biggest winners will be kids, but don't worry, there are no losers here.