All the World is Waiting for Wonder Woman – And She Doesn't Disappoint!

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*singing* Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman! All the world's waiting for you!
Clark Justice — I couldn't help but start this review with the original “Wonder Woman” 1970’s theme song. For 75 years the world and myself have all been waiting for Wonder Woman to grace the silver screen in live action. It took a long time but it was definitely well worth it. 
I grew up a huge fan of Superman and the Justice League trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. When the 1970’s TV series “Wonder Woman” with Lynda Carter came out, I was instantly hooked. It was full of cheesy fun, but it's so iconic to the Wonder Woman character we all know. 
As you may know I haven't really been a big fan of the latest DC movie universe films. The tone of the universe has just been dark and brooding and the characters' motivations have not inspired me to like them. With this “Wonder Woman” film being the first female lead superhero film ever and being released in this tough political landscape, DC was going to be risking a lot. 
With all that being said, “Wonder Woman,” knocked it out of the park and checked all the marks I had on my list. Patty Jenkins directed the film with such great care to the character and theme of the story. Gal Gadot was born to play Wonder Woman and be the strong woman superhero that all women and little girls can admire. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is fantastic and shares great chemistry with Gal Gadot. The movie delivers what all the recent DC films have been missing which is heart, character, humor and optimism which is what the world can use right now. 
This reminded me a lot of the 1978 film “Superman.” Superman to me has always been the american boy-scout who cares about humanity more than himself. Wonder Woman makes a huge effort (all most a little too much) to convince you that she cares about humanity and is willing to sacrifice everything to save them. 
Wonder Woman is such a strong independent woman in this film as well. There were times during the action sequences when I would yell out "holy crap!!" or "she is so damn strong!" The action scenes pack a mighty punch from the very beginning and you are actually able to see the choreography for a change. 
The villain was very well done and well plotted out. If I had to say anything negative it would be that I would have loved to seen a tournament among the amazon women to go back with Steve Trevor to the war. I would spent a little bit more time in Themysica. And also I would like for Wonder Woman to fly. But those are very minor nitpicks and it's not spoiler territory to jeopardize the story. 

Final Ratings

Clark Justice

Overall the film is very well done and I'm just glad that I am alive to finally see this monumental time in film history. I can't wait to see it again and I'm going to give this film a Ka-Boom!

Wonder Gal

I think it goes without saying this is hands down one of my favorite super movies. There is a warmth to the characters in addition to the humor and action from some bad-ass women. Women can be the whole package.