Deadpool Makes You Wanna "Shoop"


Wonder Gal - Wow. This is one of the best origin stories to date. Doesn't take itself too seriously. No "me vs the world" scenario. No long drawn-out "learning our powers" montage. Just one guy trying to do right by his girl. The fabulous opening sequence is not only gorgeous CGI, but sets up a movie that will break all the rules of narrative and poke fun of ALL superhero movies. 

Clark Justice - Agreed. It’s about a guy who gets cancer. Tries to find a cure. Develops superpowers as a result and gets revenge. What i liked most about “Deadpool” is that from the beginning you know exactly what you are in for - hardcore action with hardcore language. 

WG - I knew nothing about Deadpool and it was okay. I didn't need it to fully enjoy the character. 

 "Green Lantern," 2011

"Green Lantern," 2011

CJ - Correct. It's all just a little more fun for us comic book readers, but honestly I didn't read much of them. The thing that I liked the most about the film was that it was self aware. Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds - his previous version of Deadpool and Green Lantern which huge flops. Brilliant!

WG - What surprised me most, other than enjoying it way more than I thought I would, was how less gory it was than from what I thought it would be. Or rather, how they dealt with the violence. If you do it with humor, it works. And probably works better with an audience who might not go see a big gore fest of a movie, like women.

CJ - Good point. Let's take “Blade” for instance. It was a R-rated comic book movie but told without much humor - people thought it was just a horror film. “Deadpool” made $135 million dollars in it’s opening weekend. In February for a debut film, that means that the humor brought in a lot of non-comic book fans. I know a lot of people who have seen it but have never heard of Deadpool and some of them women.

WG - The one i keep comparing it to is “The Kingsmen,” which I found to be a humorless, gross movie.

CJ - I personally loved Kingsmen but I totally get what you are saying

WG - Another difference between these two movies is how well the NSFW jokes played. In “Deadpool” the anal sex jokes in were hysterical because they were told from the view point of a woman. Allowing women to be part of the joke means they are not voyeuristic, treating women as the “butt” of the joke. “Kingsmen,” treated women as something to be laughed at.
Proof that Fox was looking for an expanded audience, not just adult fan-boys. Which, in the end, makes them more money.

CJ - Can you believe that? Fox did something smart right after they screwed up “Fantastic 4.”

By joining in on the adult jokes, Morena Baccarin’s character Vanessa aligns herself with Wade Wilson. The audience believes in the connection between the two. Of course she loves him, she's just ask fucked up as he is.

WG - Honestly, it was just a simple fun movie. And I loved how it continually broke that 4th wall. Breaking the rules of narrative, “Deadpool” finds another way to set itself apart from other superhero movies. 

CJ - The 4th wall was very well done. That's his shtick and what plays so well. Not only did he give us the 4th wall in the current time it also follows the story into the past with narration from Deadpool. Very clever

I will say I'm not sure they can continue to do with all superheroes moving forward. It could work with Wolverine as an R-rated film but limit it to that or add it to the X-FORCE movie or Suicide Squad.

WG - I read that Fox is looking to make the next Wolverine R-rated. Taking only some of the titles into the R rating expands the success of hero movies. A little something for everyone and not trying to play to the same audience over and over. 

CJ - The last Wolverine movie was teetering on the edge of PG-13, and there is an unrated version of the film on BluRay that adds some more violent scenes.

WG - If all comic movies were the same, they wouldn't last. But we have six coming out this year plus everything on tv and streaming, there need to be differences.

CJ - Agreed.

WG - Because there isn’t a PG13 version of “Deadpool ” China isn't allowing this version to be shown. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the studios moving forward. There is a lot of money to be made in China on hero movies. And I know a couple young teens who really really wanna see it.

CJ - Yeah it sucks to be a teenager nowadays


CJ - It's funny because I thought of when I was a kid and there were lots of R-rated films that I wanted to see and had to sneak them when they came out on VHS. Do you remember any R-rated films that you had to sneak to watch as a youngling?

WG - Oh lord, I can't remember back that far.

CJ - Well, back to "Deadpool." The music, oh the music! Of course we hear the “Shoop” song and DMX song in the trailers but it just had that much more impact in the scenes that played out. THE MOMENT CARELESS WHISPER CAME ON, I ABOUT DIED IN LAUGHTER! Plus the theme song to "Deadpool" sounds like Michael Jackson's “Beat It” or Kris Kross “Shame.”

WG - It all added to the humor. Like the crayon drawings. When they come to life, I was laughing my ass off.


The scene I thought you would like was the fight between Colossus and the female villain Angel Dust. I know it is important to have a very strong female character. It would be better as a hero, but damn, she was badass! Probably the best female superhero type character I have ever scene. Negasonic Teenage Warhead was cool, but she was in training so I didn't expect her to dominate the scenes.

It made me want to see what they do with Wonder Woman even more. Can they make her as powerful and strong?

WG - I am SO NERVOUS about Wonder Woman.

CJ - Me too. I've been on a roller coaster with “Batman v. Superman”

Check out how it takes five actors to create Colossus.

WG - I didn't really Iike the Colossus. He was a bit over the top.

CJ - WHAT?!?!?!?!

WG - I mean, I didn't hate it, but not the best. The CGI was amazing, but I found his preaching a bit too much.

CJ - Hmmmm....okay

One last thing...what would you like to see for the future of Deadpool? I would like to see them add him in cameos to the X-Men films. Still let him curse but bleep him. Every time that he gets ready to kill someone, they cut the camera to another scene or something?

WG - Not sure he would fit into the X-men films. Part of his humor is his crassness. I think they can visit him, just not the other way around. That being said, after "X-Men Apocalypse," it will be time for a new trilogy, new styling etc. So maybe they can tool up a more adult version of X-Men.

CJ - The X-Force which Deadpool heads up is a more adult version of X-Men.

WG - We are getting one of those, right?

CJ - Yes

WG - Cool.

CJ - Up next, “Batman v. Superman.” Makes me more nervous than a cancer patient going in for treatment.

final ratings

Wonder Gal

“Deadpool” is so close to receiving top marks. My only hesitation is the possible longevity of the film. How many times could I watch a overly crass and violent flick? But I give it a KABOOM for humor and entertainment. 

Final rating: Smash.

Clark Justice

KABOOM!! BIG KABOOM!!! I couldn't believe how much this film lived up to the marketing and hype. It is a perfect adaptation from comic book to screen. Before I saw this film, “Avengers” was my favorite superhero film, and now this might have moved into that spot. I haven't 100% committed to that yet but after a second or third viewing I will let you know.