Ejiofor Takes on Doctor Strange; Deadpool Comes out Pansexual; and Sundays with the “Peanuts”

Photos of Chiwetel Ejiofor filming in Nepal with Benedict Cumberbatch have surfaced online. Ejiofor joins the cast as Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange’s common adversary. Having enjoyed Ejiofor immensely as the a highly-intelligent and singularly-driven opponent in “Serenity,” I look forward to his presence opposite Cumberbatch.

Ryan Reynolds has taken Deadpool out of the closet as pansexual. The first R-rated superhero movie, Deadpool has already promised a very adult hero with the release of the red-band trailer (a MUST see). Here is to hoping this isn’t just to get cheap laughs, but instead following the comic faithfully.

Fox is extending their mutant reach by taking two new X-Men stories to the small screen. Fox will develop “Legion” based on David Haller, Professor X’s anti-hero son. FX will develop “Hellfire” based on the mutant villains of The Hellfire Club who appeared in "X-Men First Class."

Even more exciting is that FX Production is once again looking at the fan-favorite, “Y The Last Man” as a TV series. Though, poor Yorick, the title’s last man on Earth, has been looked on many times for movies and TV series that I’m hesitant to hold my breath.


 First appearance of Legion in "The New Mutants" #25.

First appearance of Legion in "The New Mutants" #25.

 "Y The Last Man" by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra published by Vertigo 

"Y The Last Man" by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra published by Vertigo 

 Create a Peanut version of yourself via  peanutizeme.com .

Create a Peanut version of yourself via peanutizeme.com.

Finally, “The Peanuts Movie” has a $45 million opened this weekend, second only to “Spector.”

As a kid, Sunday morning meant comics in the newspaper, and at the very top ran “Peanuts.” It's fair to say that the Peanuts strip was the first comic I remember reading. They were a group of kids, each complex, flawed and human as those of us readers.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is still my favorite holiday show. There is a gentle magic in the story of a an outsider who understands the spirit of the season. The animation was the comic strip come to life. Those kids from the Sunday funny papers ice skated, danced, sang and they made me smile. They still do.

And now we have “The Peanuts Movie.” It is my imagination come to life. The animation is truly gorgeous, from Charlie Brown’s blockhead to the ever so slight bit of fur on Snoopy. 

When the trailers hit, the small kid in me watched over and over. The creators behind the movie have used all the strength of today's movie making software, yet took great care to keep true to the artistry and spirit of Charles M. Schulz. There is a lot of love still held for these characters who first hit the daily papers in 1952, and I’m looking forward to watching the whole gang come to life.

An interview with Paige Braddock, creative director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates  can be found here. She discusses working with animation team at Blue Sky, how hard it is to draw everyone’s favorite blockhead.