Wilson Fisk: It's So Good to Be So Bad

It's rare that we are treated to a villain origin story that shares the same weight as a hero's. Netflix's "Daredevil" gave us Wilson Fisk and Vincent D'Onofrio brought Fisk to life.

"Daredevil" allows us the time to see how Fisk is more than just a overwhelming villain, he is a man with a vision for his city. D'Onofrio brings us a Fisk who is flawed while dealing with his father's anger issues, who prefers the shadows and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, has hope and can even fall in love. D'Onofrio brings us a delicious character that we want to know more, we want to see succeed (almost), and most importantly, who helps define our hero.

Hopefully, one day soon, our comic character actors will be able to break through that Emmy glass ceiling. I would have loved to have seen D'Onofrio to have been the first.