From Battered Wife to Superhero, Carol Dominates on “The Walking Dead”

 Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, "The Walking Dead"

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, "The Walking Dead"

“Ms. Peletier, you are an honest to goodness hero.”

Carol Peletier’s new neighbor was talking about cooking, but we all know, Carol from “The Walking Dead” is one amazing superhero.

In Sunday’s episode “JSS,” Carol had to use all of her learned skills to help fend of a vicious attack by a group calling themselves the Wolves. 

Over six seasons of TWD, Carol has learned to wear many masks. Most are in a protective stance, pretending to be “just a housewife.” On Sunday we saw her taking her masks on the offensive. By killing an attacker and donning the clothing, she was able to attack Wolves from within. No apprehension – she was fast and fierce. 

Appearing all six seasons, Carol is the longest surviving female character of TWD and has become a fan favorite. Thankfully, the screen character is a departure from comic version, who is described as self-centered and eventually decides to kill herself via zombie. Instead, Carol is victim turned survivor and one of the most complex characters of the show.

Season one introduced us to a Carol who was meek, living under the thumb of her abusive husband. From then, she has grown more than any other character in the show and is now one of the family’s most skilled — and often scary — protectors. Her intelligence has kept her alive through zombies, gangs, sweeping illness, and even temporary exile from the family. Beneath her façade, she is extremely loyal and protective of those she takes under her wing. 

And, of course, it is the one who wears all the masks, can tell the truth so well.

"You said you don’t want to take this place, and you don’t want to lie?...
Oh, sunshine. You don’t get both."
– Carol to Rick

So, until “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” grace our TV screens, let’s just remember, that though she may not be a title character, Carol Peletier is indeed a superhero.

And it’s time for me to add a Carol Funko Pop to my collection, right next to Wonder Woman and Batgirl. “Blood Spatter” edition, of course!